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The Wait is Over!

We have an official open date for our new space and are BEYOND ready to fly with you all again. If you have been following us on social media (mainly instagram) or the studio blog, you know that 2024 has already been a year of some huge changes for The Aviary. At the end of January, we left our space in Minnetonka and we've spent all of February putting in hard work to beautify our new space: 825 Boone Ave N. Although we ran into a few road blocks along the way that pushed our open date further back than hoped, we finally reached the end of construction and are ready to open the doors. Buckle up friends, all road blocks down, we are official! So... when is that big, important open date? Well, actually we have two dates! Put these in your calendar because they're important.

MARCH 20th: We'll be opening with a modified schedule focused on floor classes like CirqueHIIT, Bodyshop, Flexibility, Acro, Dance and Heels. We know our community: ya'll go hard and we want to help ease you (and us) back into the swing of things so that no one gets injured. We HIGHLY recommend taking these classes before jumping straight back into aerial/pole classes.

-If you were a student who had time left on their last track, before we moved, and are hoping to use that remaining time starting 3/20-please email Otherwise anyone with remaining time from their track will resume for use on April 1st.

-Schedule will be live 3/13 at 8:00am. Open to all new or returning students!

-Old class packages, or newly purchased class packages, can also be used for our March classes.

APRIL 1st: THIS IS THE BIG ONE! Our full schedule will open on April 1st; it will be even bigger and better than ever because we now have TWO full size studio rooms to use. That means you'll see all of the classes you loved on the old schedule, plus some forgotten favorites and even a new format or two! Now is the perfect time to try out a new apparatus or pick back up where you left off.

-To ensure everyone has equal opportunity to sign up for these classes, we will soon be announcing our new schedule and when it will go live. Of course we couldn't have done all of this without the amazing volunteers who helped us transform our new space from an industrial blank slate to the perfect aerial sanctuary. To everyone who helped us move, painted, organized, cleaned, demoed or just showed up to cheer us on: THANK YOU. Our Aviary family is everything and you're what makes this space what it is. *Special shoutout to Kathleen (Jamie's Mom). We wouldn't even be close to opening if this incredible woman didn't devote her time, energy and love into sprinkling as much magic as possible in this space.

If you haven't had a chance to hear about the new space, here are a few details: -With a bigger parking lot and street parking our new space is easier to get to, only a couple minutes off Highway 55 and 169. -More space: we're upgrading from 2500 square feet to 3300 square feet! That includes a bathroom that is 100% ours (no more sharing), a kitchenette with fridge and dishwasher, a real front lobby with merch area and bigger studios! -Speaking of bigger studios, we get two huge studio rooms separated by a full wall. Pole room (with 9 permanent poles that we no longer have to put up/down each week) with 15 foot ceilings. The aerial room has 18 foot ceilings- an extra 5 feet of play space!

-The best part is that we have a long lease so we won't be moving again for years to come!

Welcome home everyone!

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