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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a complete beginner, where do I start?


Hammock is our most accessible apparatus and a great place to start. the completion of our 4-week beginner hammock series will allow you to take our level 1 hammock drop in classes, beginner trapeze ,lyra and silks.
If you are not ready to fly yet, we offer a ton of land based classes like dance, twerk, flexibility and Cirquehiit.

What should I wear/bring to my first class?


Avoid any jewelry or metal from the ears down- including rings and zippers. These things can snag on our hammocks and be a safety concern.  Leggings, sweatpants, tank tops, long sleeve T's are all great options. Loose fitting items tend to shift around while inverting, so a tighter fit is preferred.
It is always a great idea to bring a water bottle- we have a fountain you can use to fill up.

Is it safe to do aerial Hammock, Bungee, Lyra and Silks? Is there a weight limit?


we take safety very seriously! Our equipment has been professionally rigged and is inspected frequently. Each apparatus has a high weight bearing load of over a thousand pounds, so that all can enjoy flying without worry. Our expert instructors will offer modifications and progressions to make sure each student has a safe flight at The Aviary.

I have done gymnastics, yoga, dance or another high level physical activity- can I skip the beginner series?


Although you may be entering in with more body awareness and strength than the average person, we still want you to learn our aerial language and unique skillset during our 4 week series. your background will surely help you in our classes, but aerial arts/fitness is very unique from land based activity.

I have aerial experience but am just new to this studio- where do I start?


Please send us a quick email with your experience so we can discuss the most appropriate 
level of class for you to take! We are so happy to help you to continue to grow in your aerial journey! 

Is it painful? 


There can be some discomfort in the beginning. Wrapping constricting fabrics around our limbs, wearing a tight harness that lifts our body into the air, rolling bones over a small hard surface-each apparatus has its own unique sensation. Fortunately, over time, these are sensations aerialists get used to and become barely noticeable at all. 

What is the difference between all of the different apparatuses?


Hammock- One continuous piece of fabric with a loop/sling at the bottom.


Silks/split panels- two free hanging/ not connected pieces of fabric

Lyra- a hanging continuous metal circle/hoop



Bungee- Stretchy rubber cords attached to a HiP harness


pole- a 45mm stainless steel vertical tube that has spinning and static capabilities. 

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