Annual Summer Camp

Registration for 2021 is closed, we hope to see you next summer!

Join us for our first annual Youth Summer Camp!

Where the sky is no longer the limit!

After hearing the many requests, we are incredibly pleased to now be accepting beginner, intermediate and advanced youth students into our summer camp program! 


The primary focus of our camp will be on Hammock/Sling skills, but each camper will also learn Acro, Dance, Flexibility, Conditioning, Hula Hoop, Juggling, Clowning and Stilts. The 13-16 age group will also learn Lyra and Split panels. 

The 8-12 age group will meet 9:00am-12:00pm Monday through Thursday. The 13-16 age group will meet 1:00pm-4:00pm Monday through Thursday. We will end camp with a huge party on Friday from 11-2, where both age groups and their friends and family are all invited to attend. 

All campers will receive a camp T-shirt, an Aviary water bottle and a spray bottle of rosin based grip included in the registration price. There will be some A-La-Carte options as well, such as a photo shoot and discounted private lessons with your favorite coaches. 

Fridays party: Friends, Family and Campers can enjoy watching their coaches perform in different apparatuses, take photos with their fellow campers and show off their new found skills. We will turn our mini studio into a gorgeous vintage circus scene for those who purchase the photoshoot package. 

Our camp is still set to follow the current Covid-19 restrictions. Campers will wear masks, fly 12 ft apart, and will do land based activity 6 ft apart. We are caping each of the 4 groups at 7 campers. 

Arm your child with unique skills that test their creativity and showcase their bravery! This one of a kind experience would be a fantastic choice for a child who is need of something different, or seeks a new and exciting cross-training activity outside of their normal sport. Learning this new type of application of strength, stamina, balance and coordination will give your child amazing confidence.


Its time to send your kiddo off to the circus! 


Once you enroll your camper, we will send you a confirmation email along with a secondary registration form. This will give us a bit more information about your camper,