Studio Policies

This is intended to be a safe and fun environment. This is our responsibility to you, but we need your help too. The following policies are in place to help make sure we create the most fun and safe experience possible for everyone.

1. Please remove all jewelry (including wedding/engagement rings!) and clothing with zippers before participating in class. Double-check! Anything that can get caught on yourself, another person, or the fabric is a danger to you, others, and the equipment.

2. You are welcome to stretch on your mat without the hammock before class begins or between back-to-back classes, but in hammock (or other apparatus) practice is not allowed. Open Gym is the appropriate time to practice aerial moves you’ve been taught outside of normal instruction.

3. Instructors work hard to give you new and interesting tricks and transitions. Deviating from class content/what the instructor is teaching can be unsafe and a distraction to others- please stick to the aerial moves that they are teaching.

4. Allow the instructors to be the only ones instructing during class time. While you may have the knowledge and experience to give other students tips about their aerial practice- it is 100% about safety and liability for you to leave the instruction to the instructors. Our instructors carry liability insurance, you do not. 

5. We welcome students for class 5 minutes before classes begin. Due to covid we are trying to reduce close proximity and contact before and after classes. 

6. We will only allow students to arrive up to five minutes past the start time of a class to still be able to participate in the warm up and follow safe studio practice. 

7. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel less than 24-hours before class it will be a Late Cancel. The penalty for Late Cancels and No Shows is $10 if you use Track Three, or have an unlimited trial membership as a new client. If you are on Track One, Two or use a class package that class will be taken from your account. No exceptions. 

8. All classes, packages and retail sales are final, no refunds, no exceptions.

9. No street shoes in the studio or on the rugs in the lounge. This is especially important in the winter since de-icing salts can damage our flooring.

Thank you for understanding, respecting & cooperating with our policies.