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New Beginnings

Welcome back, oh how we have missed you! Last night we held our first classes in our brand new space and it was glorious. We are continuing our modified 'March Floor Madness' schedule for the rest of this month until our full schedule begins on 4/1- we hope you join us!

"When will my track/ auto-payments resume?" Short answer: it won't. To make this transition easier on everyone, we fully cancelled every Track 1, 2 and 3 (6 and 12 month commitment) and all of the auto-renewals. MindBodyOnline issues are unfortunate and abundant, so rather than pausing everyone- which the system did not like- we decided to give everyone a blank slate. Going forward in to this next phase of The Aviary, all students can pick which package or track works best for them! *We are temporarily halting the option to get a Track 3 with a 12 month commitment. This track option will return in the future. "I had time left on the track that I paid for right before the studio closed down, what happens to that time?" Everyone with remaining time will see a "rollover time" credit on their account. It will start April 1st and go for the length of time that you had remaining. After that, it is your choice how you would like to proceed- tracks, packages etc. *Please contact Tasha at or Jamie at with any account issues or questions.

"When can we start signing up for classes & series?" The schedule will be live at 11:00am 3/22/24- tomorrow! As always, please sign up for what you can commit to.

SCHEDULE: *As staff continue to sort their new availability, additions and changes to this schedule may still happen* Monday







Please comment below what your favorite part of our new studio space is- big or small. We have worked so hard to give you the best aerial home around and would love to hear what makes this space special to you! Besides the green glowy toilet of course, we know that is everyones favorite and the sole reason yall are coming to take classes with us ;)

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