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Aerial Hammock

Beginner Hammock

4 Week Series

$75 total

This is our #1 recommended course for beginners! 

In this 4-week crash course, you will have a fun and progressive introduction to our most popular and accessible apparatus. "Why 4 weeks?" Students need to build aerial strength/grip/stamina all while learning a whole new language, before graduating up to our level 1 drop-in classes. That is a lot of information to try and cram into a one hour introduction class, so we have seen the most success by starting beginners with 4 classes. We are so excited to fly with you- let's go!

Ages 17+ welcome. Drop-ins are not allowed in these series and no makeup classes will be offered. Once you finish this series you are welcome to take Beginner Lyra and Beginner Silks.


I Finished BEginner series...WHATS NEXT?

Hammock Fly Fit- Level 1
Hammock Dance


Hammock Intermediate Skills Prep
Hammock Fly Fit- Level 2
Hammock Flow- Level 2

Hammock Advanced Skills Prep

Hammock Flow- Level 3
Hammock Tricks- Level 3

You do not need to be a past gymnast, dancer or fitness guru to take our beginner class. Our expert instructors have accessible moves for EVERYONE, and will always offer modifications when needed. 
Mandatory first class is our 4-week Hammock Beginner Series unless you have previous experience.

Important  Notes:

  • If you have prior aerial experience, please email us at to discuss which class may be right for you!

  • We do not accept walk-ins. You must purchase a class, series or workshop ONLINE and register for class ONLINE.

  • Please show up on time, arriving late means that you may miss our warm up *Please read more on our policies page.

  • When you register, please check the boxes to give us permission to text and email you Reminders. If you don't give us permission we can't notify you of class cancellations. 

  • Every participant in our classes must register on their own so that they can sign our online waiver. Gift cards are a great option if you are looking to purchase a 4-week series for someone else. 

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