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Pole Classes

It is finally here!

We have 8, fantastically spaced spin/static X-Poles in our Main Studio. Join our expert coaches Tasha and Jamie to start your pole journey today! Whether you are looking to get slinky/sexy, be a vertical gymnast or find your own personal style- our team will support you along the way! All genders and identities welcome (and celebrated)- but we do require our pole students to be 17 years or older.

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pole 4-week beginner series

"I will start when I am stronger or more flexible."
Don't let this common thought deter you from signing up. EVERY body is an aerial/pole body; from day one we help you condition the strength and mobility needed for this apparatus. We take beginner series slow and review each week's content the following week.  You CAN do this!
Take this to fulfill the prerequisite for all of our other pole drop in classes, unless you have prior pole experience- then please email us. 

I Finished BEginner series...WHATS NEXT?

Pole Fly Fit- Level 1
Pole Dance
Pole Heel Lab


Pole Intermediate Skills Prep
Pole Fly Fit- Level 2
Pole Flow- Level 2

Pole Advanced Skills Prep
Pole Tricks- Level 3

You do not need to be a past gymnast, dancer or fitness guru to take our beginner class. Our expert instructors have accessible moves for EVERYONE, and will always offer modifications when needed. 
Mandatory first class is our 4-week Pole Beginner Series unless you have previous experience.



What do I wear? Skin is needed to stick to the pole- shorts & tank tops recommended.  Be comfortable, be sexy, be sporty or a mix! Wear layers to keep your body heat in during the warm up and then strip down (pun intended) if needed later on. Knee pads, socks, heels and body/hand grip will be recommended for some classes. 

Who shouldn't do pole? We do NOT recommend Pole classes if you are pregnant and have never poled before, have had surgery of any kind in the past six months or have chronic pain or a medical condition involving the shoulders, wrists, hands or low back. If you have any of these conditions please consult with a physician before attempting Pole.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes! Your waiver will be part of your registration process. 

How can I sign a friend up to go with me?

Our system does not support purchasing classes for other people or enrolling them in classes. If you want to attend a class with others, email us to see if we have enough room first and then have each person sign up individually on our website from the Schedule page. If you want to purchase classes for others, you can do that by purchasing a gift card on our Pricing page. Your friend(s) will still need to register and enroll in class on their own. We do not save spaces in classes without payment or accept walk-ins, our classes are too small to do that. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 12-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel late for any reason you will either lose a class or if you are a Trial Month member or a Track 3 student, you will be charged $10. This is a FIRM policy, no waivers or exceptions will be granted.  If you have a frequently changing schedule we recommend waiting to sign up until you are certain you can attend. Be aware if you wait until last minute to sign up your class may get canceled for low enrollment so it is wise to sign up as soon as you are absolutely positive you can attend, ideally 5 hours or more before class so your class doesn't get canceled. 

How do I cancel a reservation?

Sign into your account. Go to My Info > My Schedule. Click Cancel next to the class you wish to cancel.

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