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September News

Happy Halloween aerialists! (Yes, Halloween season does start in September)

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who devoted their time to repaint the studio! Although, we are having someone come in to finish up on the areas we couldn't quite reach ourselves- this couldn't have been done without YOU! What do you think of how the studio looks?

Our new fall/winter schedule is live! Here are some things to notice: Hybrid classes- Select days will now offer Hybrid style classes. This is going to combine two popular formats into one 75 minute class; and the best part is, you get this for the same cost as a regular class! Youth classes- We had such a fun time teaching the Youth Circus Summer Camp this year, that we designated specific studio time for our 8-16 year old crowd. Bungee classes- Instructors Lexi and Elyce have been hard at work redesigning our bungee curriculum. This new & improved content will be a big hit, swing by and give it a try! Open Gym- Open gym slots of have been condensed down to a couple sporadic times. However, we are thrilled to host a main-studio, 10 capacity open gym during prime time on Wednesday evenings. This open gym will have a superb playlist bumping along with beautiful strobing colored lights turning the studio into a magical creation zone! Come for the practice, take beautiful videos and hang with our incredible Aviary community.

Split Panels- Itttttt''ssss baaaaaacckk! Instructor Angela will be starting out with level 1 silks on Sundays and we will be adding to these classes/levels as needed.


As stated above, it is in fact spooky season, which means some killer things for our beloved Aviary students. As a thank you for making the first 9 months of my new ownership simply splendid, I have a few gifts for anyone who holds a Track 1, 2 or 3 during Sept/Oct.

1. A supremely discounted dark & spooky photoshoot. Fog, candles and cobwebs oh-my!

2. A FREE specialty hammock dance workshop, returning the favorites "Kill of the Night" and "Carousel." Let's get creepy and dance the night away (personal note: these will potentially be my last things that I teach for a while. I get married Oct. 30th and then will be honeymooning and taking some time off after that)

-Registration coming soon-

"What about those poles you have been talking about?" Trust me- no one is antsier for them to arrive than I am...well maybe instructor Tasha... but we still seem to be hitting a bit of delay on the mini studio remodel process. THE. POLES. ARE. STILL. COMING. but are just not arriving by when we had originally hoped. Stay tuned poler babies, and in the mean time- check out instructor Tasha teaching her first Beginner Hammock series! *Pssst: fun fact. Our regular studio poles may not be here yet, BUT our flying aerial pole has shipped and is on its way. Come to CirqueHIIT to build your pole grip up and give this puppy a whirl.

As always, please keep tagging the Aviary and hash tagging #aviaryuncaged in all your studio adventures so that we can see them and gush about how truly wonderful you are.

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