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New Year Brings New Things

Happy February Friends!

2021 was by far one of the most rewarding years of my life- in large part to owning & operating The Aviary. A lot of changes were made to the studio aesthetic and class structures, but we still have so much more to do. Although, we will continue to add new apparatuses and classes, the heart of the studio will always be hammock. So please rest assured dear OG sling-sters, the Aviary staff will continuously strive to give you the best hammock tricks, transitions and flows around. You may have noticed a few new shiny things laying around at the studio. YES- The poles are in the building but we are still awaiting the shipping of some hardware (boo). We expect pole classes to begin in March and will update on the exact date as soon as we have it. To honor and thank our current students, we will open the first month of drop in pole classes to Aviary students ONLY. This is someone who has taken 5 or more drop in classes from 6/1/2021 to 3/1/2022. We will be adding more pole classes to the schedule once we have a better idea how long it takes to put them up/down for a class.

Our spring schedule (minus the pole classes) will start on February 13th. For the most part the schedule is staying very similar to the current line up. Below is the schedule (subject to change).

-One exciting change is that we are getting rid of our Intermediate and Advanced Series. Those 4-week series will be replaced with a class called "Intermediate (or Advanced) Skills Prep" in which students will learn the exact same content that was previously taught in the series, but now in a drop in class format. Students do not have to attend consecutive weeks, and can take this class as many times as needed until approved for level 2 (or 3) by the instructor. No more extra series fees-This class counts as a drop in, so class packages and tracks will cover your enrollment! *If you have any outstanding int/adv series on your account please email me ASAP.

-Our mini studio class capacity is increasing to 8. We are working on installing a 5th rig point so that Lyra, Hammock, Trapeze and Silks will have an extra work space available during class time. If you are signing up for a mini studio class be prepared to share apparatuses with a fellow classmate.

-There was a huge increase in late cancellations over the holidays, so the 24 hour drop in class cancellation policy is being replaced with a 12 hour policy. Admin had been a bit relaxed/forgiving towards late fees recently, but will be more dillagent moving forward since more time is now allotted to cancel before a class. We know that classes can fill up quick, but ask that you sign up for what you can commit to attending so that it doesnt take the opportunity away from someone else.

-We are only going to have Youth class on Sundays with coach James until the start of summer. When school is over we plan to pack a few more drop in classes (in addition to our 2nd annual Youth Summer Camp), for our younger flyers, into the schedule.

-All of our specialty apparatuses (Lyra, Trapeze, Silks) will now have a prerequisit of previous aerial experience or having finished a 4-week beginner series (in either Pole or Hammock) before attending a drop in class. Lyra will no longer have its own 4-week beginner series. As a team, we have decided that anyone completely new to aerial will have more success with these apparatuses if they have tried either Hammock or Pole for 4 weeks first.

"So where is this merch at?" I am sure you have seen the studio lobby arrangement change up a bit, that is to accommodate our retail area! Our merch is bought, designed, printed and placed into the MBO system by a two person team: my mom and myself. Needless to say- its a long LONG process, but we are working hard to create pieces that you will love. You can expect: Tasha's twerk team shorts, the black jumpsuits, velvet shorts, CirqueHiit tanks, Genie pants, Aerialist tops, Go Flex Yourself leggings, socks, water bottles, sweats and more! Heel Lab Tips from Coach Tasha: Start with a 7" heel, anything shorter than that will be tough to do base work with. A boot style can add a little extra ankle support vs an open sandal style. Generally: when purchasing boots- go up one size for space/comfort, when purchasing sandals with a plastic strap- go down one size because they will stretch after being used, when purchasing fabric sandals- stay true to size. There are a LOT of different brands out there to chose from online (Pleaser is very popular) but you can also stop at a local adult store to try some on in person. Any other questions/concerns please talk to Tasha, she is so excited to start dancing in heels with you all.

Instructor news: sadly, Coach Elyce, will be moving out of state on April 1st. I knew from day one that she was just a temporary addition to our team, but I never expected to be so devastated with the move date approaching. She is just phenomenal and completely irreplaceable as a friend and staff member. If you have not taken a bungee class with this amazing human yet, PLEASE do yourself a favor and try it. I recently went into a private lesson with her expecting to fly for 45 minutes or so (because lets be honest, your girl does NOT really like bungee- or so I thought), well... 2 and a half hours later I finally left our lesson with the biggest smile on my face, and asked when we could bungee together again next. In that time I realized, bungee is for the perfectionist, someone who enjoys attention to detail more than the pain of the harness, and willing to run a skill over and over and over until it is correct! We will have a big bungee party farewell for her near the end of March. This will be free and open to all current members who have completed a beginner bungee class. *Reminder- track 3 friends, bungee classes are included in your unlimited months.

Thank you all for an amazing first year (even though it has been way longer for many of you). Let's keep crushing our goals, flying safe and having a blast together.

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