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June Updates

Happy Summer!

First and foremost, a huge thank you is in order to everyone (students and staff alike) who have been working hard to keep the studio a safe place to fly during the 'rona season. Covid restrictions are changing and that means some adjustments for The Aviary starting 6/7. 1- All fully vaccinated students and staff will no longer be required to wear masks during class. If anyone is still choosing to wear a mask at any time, for any reason- they will continue to be supported and encouraged to do so. 2- Two extra hammocks will be rigged up in the main studio, taking our class capacity from 7 to 9! We are still enforcing distancing policies and ask that students stay mindful of their spacing with each other during dance and other floor classes.

This will be Instructor Rachelle's last week with us as she ventures into building her own event space up North. Join us in wishing her good luck with this endeavor! We have been incredibly lucky to have her on staff, giving so much knowledge and being a fantastic cheerleader to our students- she will definitely be missed. We are hoping to fill these big shoes with another part-time split panels instructor with teaching experience, someone who is a team player with a flexible schedule- inquires will be accepted via email ( Merchandise! A lot of you have been seeing and hearing a little bit about all the amazing merch that is coming our way. There will be a page on the website devoted to pre-ordering all the new gear and a discounted price before bulk is ordered to sell at the studio. It is a long process... but we are nearly there. Stay tuned. Summer Camp registration is closing this Friday, 6/11. We are nearly full and without a doubt excited to teach our campers all about aerial circus fun! A few spots remain in specialty guest instructor, Abbey Eff's two floor based classes. Abbey is an upbeat, positive and extremely knowledgeable teacher with unique content to share. Having taught at many different studios around the world, she is well equipped to work with all levels of students. If you are looking for some new and exciting transitions, choreo and shapes to bring to your dance repertoire- these workshops are for you! We want to share your talents and hard work in classes! Remember to tag us (@theaviarymn) on instagram! #AviaryUncaged

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