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April Updates

What is in store for The Aviary this April?

First, we are looking for new work-for-trade studio cleaners. If you are a current student (have attended at least 5 classes in the last year) and would like to apply please send an email to explaining why you would be a great candidate. (Your email doesn't have to be anything overly formal- we are just wanting to hear about your interest in this opportunity!) We hope to find two consistent, reliable and trustworthy students who can commit to 1.5 hours of cleaning responsibilities a week for either 3 or 6 months starting June 1st. The trade is for 15 free classes per month!

We have been loving seeing so many students utilizing the open gym time! Just a reminder that open gym is paired with a main studio drop in class and if that class doesn't fill up and gets cancelled- open gym will too. Pay close attention to your schedule and always keep an eye out for emails or texts regarding class cancellations.

Schedule Additions: -DRUM ROLL (bdddddddddph) We are holding our first ever Circus Summer Camp for youths July 26th- July 30th. More information will be added to the website soon- keep your peepers open are share this news with your friends!

-Twerk and Chair parties are now available for reservations! Shake it under our new colorful studio lighting with our incredible instructor, Tasha.

- Each month we will post a few specialty workshops! Instructor Natalie is hosting two drop shops in April and one of which is already completely filled. Two spots remain in the advanced drop shop: snag them before its too late! Angela will be hosting two workshops in May and they are now live & awaiting sign ups.

-Acro 2 and Bungee Dance are two fantastic classes that are on deck to be added as part of our regular drop in class line up.

Don't Forget! We also offer morning and day time classes! It is a great time to train in our studio with all of the natural light flooding in, smaller class sizes and quieter environment. Not quite ready to make it into the studio? Feel free to email me to get Virtual Class options and information.

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