• The Aviary

April Updates

What is in store for The Aviary this April?

First, we are looking for new work-for-trade studio cleaners. If you are a current student (have attended at least 5 classes in the last year) and would like to apply please send an email to explaining why you would be a great candidate. (Your email doesn't have to be anything overly formal- we are just wanting to hear about your interest in this opportunity!) We hope to find two consistent, reliable and trustworthy students who can commit to 1.5 hours of cleaning responsibilities a week for either 3 or 6 months starting June 1st. The trade is for 15 free classes per month!

We have been loving seeing so many students utilizing the open gym time! Just a reminder that open gym is paired with a main studio drop in class and if that class doesn't fill up and gets cancelled- open gym will too. Pay close attention to your schedule and always keep an eye out for emails or texts regarding class cancellations.

Schedule Additions: -DRUM ROLL (