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7 Yard Hammock = 8-12’ ceiling (NE studio)

8 Yard Hammock = 12-16’ ceiling (W studio)



Rings are the economical choice but they are very difficult to untie after use so only choose this option if you rarely will adjust the height or you want to wash often. The hammock will be shorter if you use steel rings instead of ties since it takes more fabric to tie knots onto each ring. Ties are the same as we use at the studio; you can adjust length quickly or easily remove them to wash. Training video for rigging hollow blocks is HERE and information about washing will be provided after pick up.



  • We can only order a color if at least 2 people buy it. Please have a back-up color in mind in the event your color wasn't chosen by anyone else.

  • We only be submitting orders twice a month if we have at least 2 orders. You will be refunded if we do not have enough orders to fulfill your order. 

  • Shipping, assembling and delivery to the studios will take 3-4 weeks due to COVID related delays with our fabric manufacturer. Please plan on using our hammocks or renting one in the interim. 

  • Using your own hammock for classes is a temporary measure to comply with the COVID measures recommended by the CDC or MDH. We reserve the right to switch back to using studio hammocks only at any time.

  • If you bring your own hammock to class, it must be ready to hang and you must arrive at least 15 minutes early. The instructor will visually inspect your rigging and hang it for you. If the height is incorrect, it will be brought down for you to adjust once (err on the side of making it shorter). After class the instructor will bring it down for you. If you do not arrive early enough to hang your hammock, you will have to use a studio hammock or leave and incur the late cancel penalty.

All purchases are AS IS, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES.

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