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We require masks to be worn at ALL TIMES inside our studio, even during the workout. If you are unable to tolerate wearing a mask during a workout, we are not able to accommodate you at this time.

Youth Classes

No experience necessary! 

*This is the one aerial class that does not require students to take the 4-week beginner series first*

Calling ages 8-16 to join us for our long awaited youth classes! These drop-in classes have been specifically crafted for our younger flyers, by our fantastic youth summer camp staff. 

During class we will start with a fun and effective warm up to make sure that our bodies are ready for some aerial adventures! We then will customize the tricks, transitions and flows throughout class to the skill level of the students attending. Let's Fly!

Classes offered: Youth Beginner Hammock (Monday's at 5:00pm)
Youth Beginner Hammock (Sunday's at 2:00pm)

Youth Mixed Apparatus- Intermediate (Sunday's at 3:00pm)

*The monday class is new to our schedule, so it may take a few weeks for attendance to pick up. We do have a minimum required number of students (3) that need to enroll in order for the class to be held. If we do not meet the minimum, class will be cancelled and automated emails/texts (depending on your account preferences) will be sent out. We want class to happen just as much as you do, so tell your friends! Promo code NEWFRIEND at check out will save you (and them) $10. LETS FLY!

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